Problem with Curviloft / Skin Contours

Hello everyone! Just created not so complex curve, edited by Curvizad, to make it perfect, but failed to create surface with Skin Contours… any guess why?

Sedlu kresls 2.skp (72.2 KB)

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The clue is in the message…
The loop is being interpreted as a single curve and facing that is not possible.
It suggest that you add some temporary short edges that touch the loop to split it into two parts - i.e. two temp. edges
Then you should be able to select the two parts with the tool and then they’ll form a face successfully…

OH, i exploded the curve, but without any success…

Almost… :wink:


omg, what is this magic?! Can you place this file here? btw, what was your first operation to convert my curve to rough lines?

model*: Sk2.skp (181.2 KB)

I drew them with the Line tool.
*I created the model just to give you an idea of how you can create that surface.

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Thanks man, I was working on that surface all day!

You’re welcome!

If you showed from the beginning why you want to create that surface… :wink:


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