Problem with creating surfaces on imported project


I have joined this forum because I have a problem that I am unable to fix myself. I have imported a 2D model from AutoCAD to SketchUp and I am unable to make a flat surface on the imported sketch, as if the lines where not in the same height. This results in the textures not recognizing the lines and painting the entire project at once, it also projects visual glitches. Can somebody tell me what I’m doing wrong?

Here are screenshots of me making a rectangle over the project

Upload the skp file and we’ll try to help.

ProjektUrb Indywidualny1.skp (9.3 MB)

There are a lot of small gaps in the drawing, close them and then you can create the faces

You can check to see if the plan was well drawn in dwg.
And learn about groups and tags in Sketchup.

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It helped a lot, thank you. It didnt solve the problems entirely, but I have just redrawn the problematic lines that I could find and everything is fixed now