Problem with creating 3D solid, I guess... please help this newbie!

Dear fellow Sketchers,

I’m new to using Sketchup and have encountered an issue which I cant seem to fix for 2 days already.

Basically I refactored an existing phone-case design (Iphone7) and incorporated a logo from vector to print out for my wife.
When I slice it, using my Makerbot software, but probably with any slicer, it will preview the print, all closed up, so without the logo I cut out.

I think the problem is that the back of the case has no thickness, but i can not seem to fix it. Maybe some other problems as well…

What did I forget or do wrong? I would really appreciate some help here.

Kind regards,


Here is the STL as an external download, I could not upload it due to file size limit on here.



Please upload the SKP file.

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The STL file you shared is, for the most part, a wreck not worth the time to fix.
Lots of geometry missing, even when imported into SketchUp in meter units.
Was the original file in this condition prior to ‘refactoring’?

■■■■, I did not even notice that. Cant I use a tool like mesh repair to fix that?

I downloaded this originally:

then I imported a vector image, pasted it on the back of the case, and cut out the letters and logo.

Why waste your time attempting to fix a wreck?
You’ve little to lose by starting over since you have no time invested in modeling the case itself.

Most likely, the missing geometry is the result of importing the STL file with Scale-Units set too small.
SU has issues creating microscopic new geometry.

Best Practice:
Look under the Options button when you import the STL file.
Use the settings shown below, which results in the import being a Solid.
Scale the model down to real-world size when you’re finished.

See this example model where the STL import units were set at Meters.
iP7_Case_001.skp (2.1 MB)

I copied the logo geometry from your previous attempt and pasted it into the new model.
You can finish Push/Pulling the remaining portions.

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