Problem with converting inches to cm


hi , iam having a trouble to figure out how to get rid off the little numbers as on picture

when i scale the cabinet it happens randomly. normaly it is like this

when i do =CONCATENATE(“Horna “,lenx,”- 1D”) to create name of component sometime this little bad bad numbers apear. i dont understand why . because =round((current(“lenx”))*2.54,1) worksjust exactlly how it suppose to.


without the file can not work out the cause, (small added fractions can be evidence of a scaling issue) however rounding the result in the above formula should fix it
CONCATENATE(“Horna “,round(lenx,1),”- 1D”)

also try = “Horna “ & lenx & "- 1D”, this may narrow down the error to a conversion within the concatenate formula


yes that is working just fine. thanks again learning a lot from you pcmoor . thanks.