Problem with CLR C# for C++ sdk 2019

Hi all,
I new in this community,
My name is Eliran and i have a problem with the new Sketchup sdk 2019.
i have a project with CLR C# that warp my C++ class that use the includes <SketchUpAPI/STAR> (STAR is just for describe here its not written in the code) with the CLR i can produce a dll file to use in my system in C#.

with sdk 2016 the code works fine and i can read Skp files until 2017 but when i want to read Skp files from 2018+ i got an error so i decided to upgrade to the new SDK 2019, downloaded it from this website and replace the SDK dir to the new SDK 2019 but after build i still can’t read Skp files from 2018+ but Skp files from 2017- i can!
i use Visual Studio 2015, with v140 and the CLR C# work fine for 2016 SDK (just for skp file until 2017-).

Thanks for helping !

Eliran Kasif.

I managed to resolve the problem.
I update the dependencies of my project to the new binaries files:

and now everything work fine.