Problem with Artisan

I started having problems with my computer after I installed Artisan. I was using Artisan to reduce polygons in a 3D mesh. Suddenly, after working for a while, the orbit tool wouldn’t work. I couldn’t get anything to rotate. I could do some other things. I could pan and zoom. But at times the computer ceased to respond at all. The mouse was acting weird. I couldn’t click on anything. If I switched to other programs I had similar problems. In Word I couldn’t highlight text with the moust and clicking on the X to exit didn’t do anything. Then, after a while it would respond again.

At first I didn’t connect it with Artisan. A Microsoft technician removed some adware that I thought was slowing things down. Things worked OK for a while. Then I went back to SU, working on a big 3D mesh, and the orbit locked again as did varous functions in other programs. Waiting a while brings it back. The tech asked when the problem started and had I done anything to the computer. I said no because I didn’t really think of it when I installed Artisan while inside SU. But then I realized that’s when the problem started.

It seems to somehow be connected to the mouse. While I was writing this I tried to switch back from IE to Word and clicking on Word didn’t switch programs. Alt-Tab got me into Word.

Has anyone else had a problem? Any idea what could cause this?
How could I totally remove Artisan?

I’ve never read from such a problem with Atisan, but maybe @Whaat can evaluate if this can be connected with Artisan…

Hello Huck,

Thank you for your interest in Artisan. It sounds to me like a problem with your mouse. I cannot see how this would be caused by Artisan. Have you tried using another mouse?

You can prevent Artisan from running by going to Window->Preferences->Extensions and disabling Artisan.


I have problems with artisans all the time…especially plumbers.
Sorry Dale, I couldn’t resist. :wink:

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Artisanal plumbing? You must live in the high rent district, Alan. :smiley:

Do you know a good plumber who could help me with this issue?

I know some very creative plumbers…but not “creative” in a good way. :wink:
Seriously, though; I (and many others) have been using Artisan for some years now, but I’ve never experienced or even heard of your problem before.

Artisan looks like a wonderful program. Most likely it was coincidence that the problem started simultaneously with installing it.