Problem with a model imported from Revit



Maybe this would do.
But it looks like there’s no unneeded geometry. I think Revit doesn’t export stuff that should kill SketchUp. Anywhere I go and select all active entities, it’s only components. No problems with clipping, far origin whatsoever.


Opening on my viewer on a phone gives the advice that other apps should be closed for better improvement, but it loads:

Usual suspects (with hidden geometry turned on and in witedrame mode) are furniture, sinks and overdetailed framing, I guess


Are the objects somehow linked in Revit, so that editing one edits all similar ones? If so the importer should really re-use the same definition. If not it should use groups. In any case I think the importer needs an update.


Removed all diagonal edges, all furniture. I can now create a new component but it’s still veeery slow :frowning:

Eneroth, truth is that Revit/ArchiCAD exporters cannot provide instancing components for SketchUp so far.


can you upload the .ifc file from revit…

the skp you uploaded seems to have everything set to Layer0 [ not just the geometry ], which makes it impossible to ‘fix’ with a script…

I could try one of my scripts on the original file, which ‘may’ convert the components to SU components, unless revit have recently changed their exporter…



It might turn out less heavy if your friend set the Detail level in Revit to Coarse before exporting - depending on how well the used Revit components are made. Those chairs and tables visible in Mike’s screenshot might carry most of the weight but I have also seen doors and windows with all the sandpaper roundings modelled that lead to an insane number of polygons when exported to a face model.


We’ll try this.
Indeed, the model counts over half million faces.


Not sure what’s happening on your end but that model is pretty fluid on my machine. Yes, it seems all items are on “0” but the layers did import in the layer panel. I was able to move components to others layers with relative ease.
PC specs:
Dell OptiPlex 90220
Intel i7-4770 @ 3.5 GHz
16 gb DDR3
Nvidia GTX 650
(nothing special)


Here’s the IFC file john_drivenupthewall asked for.


From what @MikeWayzovski shows, it would appear there is a great deal of unneeded geometry.


Yes, now I can see this. I used CleanUp and merged all “broken” faces but it helped little.
It might be my computer - any model that has several hundred component instances goes super slow when dealing with components. That’s why plugin like “components to groups” would be helpful in my opinion.

Sean-WFU, did you try to create a new component? Does it go fast?


I honestly don’t think you are going to see much performance improvement by changing all the components to groups.

Probably the difference between what you are seeing and what Sean is getting comes down to the GPU.

This is what I see without doing anything to your model. There’s some drop out due to compression in the GIF.

After making that GIF, I purged unused from the model and got rid of this:

And then ran CleanUp.

Which reduced the file size by slightly over 30%.


Well, creating a new group takes a fraction of second while creating a component totally hangs sketchup. If I had components cleared and had only groups in the model, I could at least access Components tab to manage new components. General performance is fine - I can navigate the model, edit existing components easily. I just cannot create any new compo nor use Components tab.


“…did you try to create a new component? Does it go fast?”

No but I can try and see how it does.


LOL, yeah…making a new component hung it up. One of the few times I’ve locked up SU in a while. I do agree in cleaning up ANY drawing be in SU, ACAD or whatever. Usually good practice.




Interesting, I took the existing roof and moved it up out of the way, exploded it, fully and attempted to make a new component.




No idea for the difference /shrug


I just saw people having similar trouble there:

I wish the plugin is done one day!