Problem when open new file , and copy model

Hi . Im i have some problem when open my file ( my file around 200mb-1000mb ) . too slow , about 2-10 minute . And when i copy some model form old project to new project , it take 5-10 minute .

my computer infomation :

  • Ryzen 3 3600
  • Ram 32Gb Gskill bus 3000
  • SSD 970 Evo 256Gb
  • VGA 1070Ti

Some one can help my problem please :frowning:

Window menu>Model Info>Statistics>Purge Unused.
Get rid of 3D entourage components (trees, cars, people…) downloaded from the 3D Warehouse or replace them with simplified versions.

And strip your model file of (too many) heavy textures / images.