Problem when exporting from ArtLantis 2019-2021 in SKP format

Good afternoon!
Why when exporting from ArtLantis 2019-2021 in SketchUp, there are no textures on models in SketchUp?
For example, I export 3D models of plants with textures with alpha channel.
When I open the exported SKP file in Sketchup 2021, no leaves texture.
Only the texture of the stem is present.
Polygons for leaves are empty, with a perimeter circuit.
What could be the reason?
File skp - Можжевельник казацкий 4.rar — Яндекс.Диск

Change Opacity from 0 to 100
Also, select the border edges of leaves and hide them.

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Thank you.

How to choose the outline of the leaves and make it opaque?

P.S. Interestingly, opening this skp file in the programs: Lumion, Artlantis, ArchiCAD, 3DSMax, then the 3D model is displayed correctly, all textures of the leaves are visible. Is this a feature of only SketchUp?

Select edges > Edit > Hide