Problem using Veray plug-in for sketchup

i have sketchup pro 2015 for mac. when trying to insert a component while Vray is installed the software crashes and throws me out. i dont have this problem when Vray is un installed.
i have contacted the Vray developers and they could not find a solution so far.
has anyone encountered the same problem? is there a solution?

you appear to have already found the best solution…
I don’t believe the mac version has ever worked as advertised…


How are you inserting your components? Drag-N-Drop? Copy-Paste? File>Import?

Do all three methods cause the crash?


drag n drop . never used the other methods. will check it

only drag n drop causes a crash. file import and warehouse models seems to work so far thanks

There’s your work around. Few!

What about the method of copy/paste?

Either way, you will want to go back to the VRAY folks with this information to help diagnose the exact problem.