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I created a rectangle, them I addded a line and them I add another custom shape. BUT I would like to have all the objects joined together while I am drawing but this is not what happen, it creates every shape separetely.

See attached please. aa.layout (115.4 KB)

You can join the endpoints with the Gluing tool. (It’s a glue bottle icon on the toolbar)

@DaveR but it still overlaps the shapes. Will I have to use the gule bottle everytime I draw a line? For example: I drawed a rectangle. Now I want to divide this rectangle in half using the line tool. If I draw the line it will be a separate element.

Now suppose for example that I want to remove the 3 left lines from the rectangle so I get only the rectangle in the right (the line divided it in two), I cant do that! Why?

aa.layout (115.8 KB)

For example daveR. Check the file attached. If I want to merge the circle and rectangle to one single shape. How do I do that? I want the bottom line of the circle to be removed and only the outline remain.

I’m on my phone so I can’t look at it now. You can use the knife tool to cut shapes where they overlap. Then glue them as needed.

I take the easy way and draw in SketchUp instead.

Hi, one thing that I do is to draw with fills off. This will help you to see the underlining lines a bit easier to see what is going on. (I demo how to do that to existing entities) To elaborate a bit on what Dave had mentioned, you can use a combination of the split and the join tools to get the desired results.

I have attached a few screen shots to illustrate.
We made some additions in 2018 to give users the ability to turn the Auto Join feature off and On during the Line tool. You will see that in the second video.


@trent thanks a lot for your help but I cant believe layout sucks that much. @daveR is right, it is easier to do that in sketchip, MUUUUCH easier.

Devs behind layout probably dont use it cause if they tried to use it they would realize how it sucks, even the most basic of the basic is incredible tedious and require changing tools to join, separate… shapes. Too sad this software layout is a garbage.

I decided to use @DaveR suggestion to migrate from the sketchip to layout. This is my file.

I can export it to PDF perfectly but I would like to remove the gray and the blue color and leave only the lines in the PDF so I can print it without spending tint.Untitled.layout (122.2 KB)

I tried making it whit as @daveR said but I couldnt. What should I change?

That’s like trying to use a hammer to drive screws and then saying the makers of hammers probably don’t use them . If they did, they’d realize how much they suck. LayOut does what it is designed to do very well. That is to take the scenes you create in SketchUp and use them to create a document.

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I think the devs did a great job, thank you @trent for the latest release :slight_smile:
@batata003, My friend, you spent a lot of time with software that ‘sucks’, don’t you think? Again, nobody forces you to use it.

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