Problem Uninstalling SketchUp Pro 2020 ( Solved )

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I remember that day I installed and used 2-3 hours SketchUp 2020 I remember that somewhere in a folder I saved a ‘skp’ file 2020 in a folder now I don’t remember where it is between the folders… Maybe it’s this because every time I click in the folder where there is skp file Automatically start 2020 instalation (Fig 1)

What do you mean every time you open a folder with some skp file inside… Do you mean when you open a skp file ?
In any case, check if your .skp files are still associated with the 2020 version. Right-click on a skp file, go to properties and see what’s set on the “open with” parameter. If it’s sketchup 2020 click on modify and reset to sketchup 2018

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The installation of 2020 probably asociated .skp file with the (temp?) installer and is now looking for the location, since this is deleted. (or something along that line)

Reinstalling the version you want to use (rightclick on the installer file and choose ‘Run as Administrator’) should fix it

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Thank You MikeWayzovski for your Help see the (Fig 2)

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one parte of SketchUp 2020 it was not removed see (Fig 2)
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