Problem ungrouping cloned components

I design exhibits, so I have a lot of similar shaped display modules. I am having a problem when I map a texture onto one of them, the texture shows up randomly on other modules. I have tried ungrouping them and seeking to “explode” or “make unique” buit those options are grayed out when I highlight the items in question. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?

If other instances are changing at the same time then you still
Have linked components of some kind. Do you have components nested with other components. You may have a unique component (unique will be greyed out in this case) that contains other still linked components.

Post your model here so we can see whats going on.

Ah, good insight - I do definitely have nested components- I just had to drill down to isolate each individual object then Make Unique was available. Once each was made unique, the problem was solved.

Is there a tutorial that detailed how to work on items nested within larger groups? I have inherited a model that has several nested groups and need to learn how to work on them individually then recombine. the complete model has gotten too big to edit all at once.

The outliner can be very helpful in managing complex nesting and context setups.

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I am largely self taught in Sketchup - have not used the outliner, but now that you have brought it to my attention I will go to school on it. Thanks!

Its basically a text representation of your model and contexts. Nesting is represented with indents and is organized much like the file system on your Mac. It’s more helpful if components are given useful relevant names.

There are also some plugins that do a “Make Deep Unique”. Flextools does, and I think maybe @eneroth3 made one, I’m not sure.

Eneroth Deep Make Unique | SketchUp Extension Warehouse

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Hello DCLaufer

In the formulas of your subcomponents, you have probably entered “In Hard” in this way:
Replace each time “Dynamic” by
= parent!Component Name
You have a dynamic link! If you make the parent component unique, the subcomponent will be linked in the calculations to this new definition.

The TS never mentioned dynamic components so this might not be relevant…

As much for me !