Problem to login with my APPLE ID

Has anyone figured this out? I took the advice above but when I copy pasted the hidden email address from Apple it did not recognise it. I then changed it so my email was not hidden and I can not login still. It continuously reloads the login page when I sign in with Apple ID. I cannot afford another subscription as the Pro version cost me a lot. Any advice? I’m late on my course work and final project because I cannot login.

If you have a pro subscription, you don’t need another account.
Sign in with the email address that bought the pro sub.

There does seem to be a problem with the Apple ID sign in. The right team at SketchUp is investigating the issue.

I hope they manage to fix it … I have very important projects there :frowning:

you are missing the point… I cannot sign in I have been trying for 4 days now. But from the comments after my post it seems they are working to resolve the issue which is great.

Thanks Colin. I hope this gets sorted soon!

Aishak7 what poin i missing ?

He was replying to Mike.

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Yeah, I missed a point

Just giving advice not to buy another subscription on top of the existing

I am told that the issue is fixed. Can someone try sign in with Apple again?

The problem is solved! Endless thanks to the Sketchup Team and especially to Colin for accepting the problem and examining the case to the end! :slight_smile: