Problem to explode model of Snowy Mountains

I have downloaded model of mountains and wanted to project this texture to it:

I cannot explode it to project the texture onto it. I waited very long few minutes but no result. I already worked with 1000x1000m mesh and 200.000-500.000 entities there. I waited 30 seconds but this is much longer even that the count of entities is about 100.000. Can you help to do it?

Note: I am using SU8, can you export your model to SU8 or SU2014?

Exploding is a very expensive operation because SketchUp has to check collisions (for edge merging/intersection) and it tests every entity (of >200000) against every entity that exists already or has been added to the outer context (at least 200000×200000 comparisons).

For just projecting the texture I would enter into the group and apply the texture. Since the model is already textured, you could even just replace the material’s texture image.

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Good idea. That was simple :smile:

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