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Some better images would be helpful. Exactly what your trying to replicate… what does your proxy look like… etc. Posting the model if possible. Better info will help people help you. Posting an example of a very quick SubD jug.

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if You want to see My Style, Design Quality follow this Head Logo(on the right) on YouTube… there are some my Projects with Style and Quality… here We Are for the Solution and You haven’t one at my question.

‘’ My goal is not to be a Master… but to get ideas out of my Mind via SketchUp.’’ (WorkSkp)

The sun has set.
Placed topic in gallery category, since you have no questions.

How to give the desired shape to the object? Fig 1

is Question or not ?

It could very well be the title of your added picture.
We are here to help, but you do not, since you neglect advice.

The style can be unique. The quality has levels.
Personally without more information based only on a “slogan”, I can not give a same quality level of solution as you imagine, especially not in your “style”. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

There are five (5) object on your Fig1. What object are you talking about? What is the desired shape? To which object you want, apply and what?

Create the 3D model as @tuna1957 has already shown and add the strips as you can see in the next gif:

I used Artisan, but you can also use SubD

Coming soon the projects will be in 3d Warehouse! A person is judged on the basis of the works he produces.

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Thnx mihai.s

Bro th World need Solution … like this…Jim Foltz : do this for all SketchUp Users(Thank You)