Problem saving file

Can anyone tell me if they have the same problem as me with this file? It is a really simple drawing, not worked on for very long, no imported material. Every time I try to name and save it, SU crashes. I have tried turning the computer on and off. No difference. I found it in the Recovered Files folder.

Untitled_6.skp (224.8 KB)

Interesting, I was able to save the file. For a while I thought I was crazy, I had the same issue myself with an existing file I tried to save a copy as…the file was eventually saved (by the system) some hours later, even surviving several restarts. I tried to rebuild SU but the installer could not find the .msi file. I wound up removing SU with Control Panel and a reinstall. The big difference is I am on Windoze and you are on a Mac.

@RLGL could you do me a favour and upload the file with a new name please? Maybe I will find it can magically be imported and saved if it has been through another machine.

@simoncbevans I don’t know what is causing the issue on your computer. I could save-as the file with no difficulty.

Untitled_6_2.skp (224.1 KB)

1Untitled_6.skp (227.2 KB)

Untitled_6 isn’t exactly a unique name. There’s a good chance that you have a few of these on your computer and maybe another program has it open or the file is locked or you don’t have permission to write to that directory.

Here’s another one

simoncbevans_gm.skp (224.2 KB)

Me neither. It was crashing around like the ball in a pinball machine. Got into a refusal to save spiral. Think it might be OK again now. Temperamental, huh?