Problem running concurrent network version (share?)

I’m currently having an issue running Sketchup Pro which is being licensed from a central license share. The installation hasn’t changed and, apart from hotfixes, the server hasn’t changed.

I can see the network share from the client computer and I can see the license file; however, for some reason, the clients are not seeing the license file.

The Server.dat file hasn’t changed, but even when I use an IP address to the server, or even if I recreate the Server.dat file, the clients are not seeing the server. I’ve even tried recreating a new license share off a different server with the same outcome - the clients just don’t seem to want to recognise the license file on the share. I know that the license file works as I can run Sketchup Pro without a problem on the server itself.

for checking the visibility in both directions open a command line and use the PING command on the file server as well as on the workstation… you may want use the server name instead of the IP for checking if the name resolution works.

keep in mind to, that the SU network license mechanism doesn’t work with mapped network shares (e.g. X:/Y:/Z:) but an UNC path (\servername\path) only.

Full Read/Write rights are required in the directory of the LF file.


In my experience installing the license system requires the UNC path, but the “Set License File” function works quite OK with mapped shares. Of course it can break if the path to the share changes, but the process can simply then be repeated.


Thanks for all the suggestions - I’m coming back to this one after a couple of days of break.

Anssi - I did attempt to run from a mapped network share - that didn’t seem to work for me either, unfortunately. I am thinking somewhere along the lines of firewall.

I can’t actually ping the server because ping in our institution is blocked - but then again a ping test isn’t great since I’ll only be seeing if I’m sending/receiving from Port 21. I believe that the default Windows sharing ports are 445 and 139.

As I say, I can actually see the shared folder from my computer, I can even see the shared license file - I can map to the share without problem, but for some reason, Sketchup itself is failing to see the file.

To make things even more peculiar, if I go into Sketchup, then click on License > Set Network License File then specify the license location, it seems to work.

Anyway, I seem to now have a working system even though I’m not quite understanding why it works and the licenses seem to be getting checked out at the server level correctly.

I still reckon it is/was related to firewall issues on the server/workstation level.

Thank you very much for the time spent to help!