Problem Rendering Files On A Mac That Were Created On A PC

I’ve run into the same issue twice in the last couple of weeks and maybe someone could shed some light. I’m the only person in my company using SketchUp & VRay on a Mac so all of our components and materials have been created on a PC.

The issue in question happens when using an image and making it a custom material. In both circumstances, someone else made the model on a PC and I had to go in and manipulate it on a Mac. When I tried to render it in VRay, that section comes up as black. The only thing I have done is moved and/or resized the image on the same surface that it was created on.

I’ve had multiple people at my company tell me it’s a compatibility issue with using both Mac and PCs but I didn’t believe it. The only thing that made me believe a little bit was I asked the person who created the model to open the project after my changes and try to render it and the had no problem. I’ve been scratching my head ever since.

Has anyone had an issue like this or know of any solutions? It seems like an easy fix for a seasoned vet. Help a rookie out. Thanks in advance.

Here are some screenshots so you can see what i’m seeing:
SketchUp Example 1
SketchUp Example 2

Have you checked for reversed faces? Is the image an image or a texture?

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The original image was made into a texture. I reversed the face, which let me see the back, then reversed it again to see the image and the render worked. I honestly have no idea how that fixed the glitch but it did. Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it.

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