Problem intersecting a surface with a 3D model


I am a new SketchUp user and after having loaded a 3D model of a landscape I was trying to intersect it with a 2D surface, like arectangle. The problem is I find it difficult to use the move tool, to accurately displace the surface at the point where it has to actually intersect the model. Just moving it with mouse is not working very well, and I find it difficult to move the surface along X or Y axes without moving it too much or too little. Also sometimes when I position the move tool on the border of the surface, the effect that I get is to lower or raise that side only not the whole surface…so I am a bit stuck with that.
Any help would be appreciated


You list several related difficulties

  • To move by a specific amount, instead of dragging the mouse cursor, type a value into the VCB
  • To lock the direction of move, either start in that direction and then press and hold shift, or else press one of the arrow keys (up = blue dir, left = green dir, right = red dir).
  • To move a Face and its associated Edges together, double-click the Face. If it is a smoothed surface, you may need to triple-click to make sure you got everything


Many thanks, I’l try all that!