Problem inserting SU model, file is grayed out

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I am having a problem inserting my model into layout. When I go to file, insert, and find my file, the SU model is grayed out and unable to be opened. There are some models that are not grayed out and can be inserted as normal. I have had no problems until today and none of the models have been grayed out until today.

Also, I had to reinstall SU this evening because SU and Layout would not open at all.

Strange times in the Estes Valley
Thanks for your suggestions

Any chance you’re trying to insert the backup file. It’ll have a ~ in the file name. Choose the working file without the ~.

Hey Dave, thanks, the backup file and the main file are both grayed out.

Today is another day, I have to get this figured out asap - I will find a way a let you know what I figured out. Thanks.

What version of LayOut?

Sketchup and Layout 2017.

Both Layout and Sketchup are version 17.2.2554

Hey Dave, thanks a ton for your help, I’m pretty sure we got it figured it out, like you said, I think was trying to insert the backup file. I’m heading to the library in a bit to work it out.

Thanks again

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What is the deal with the backup files? Sketchup does this as a sort of autosave?

Yeah. There is an autosave performed at some interval. By default every five minutes. If the program or the computer should crash, SketchUp will look for that backup file and offer to open it if it is newer than the working file. Probably saves you a bunch of work.

The backup files aren’t really meant to be used directly and are intended only to provide redundancy in the event of a failure.

If I have a backup version of the model I did some changes to, how can i update the working to reflect those changes?

Use File>Save as… and save the file with the name of the original file. It’ll replace the old one with your most current version.

Dave, thanks a ton for the help, with a deadline looming and the technical issues happening yesterday, (first the crash, then my own learning curve issues) i was having a stressed out day yesterday, today is much better, there’s still a lot to do, but tons better thanks to your help.
many thanks

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