Problem in selecting more than item when using JHS plugin (including via Outliner)

After creating a group within sandbox group via JHS’s “C-Point at Vertex” and even after creating a “component” to position (the component) on the C-vertices, I can not select the two groups or the group and the component at the same time, using the usual procedures (shift key) to add more than one item to selection
When I click * shift to select the second group or component, the first one stops being selected.

Have you tried both of the SHIFT keys (just to test whether the left SHIFT is worn out?)

Also try another keyboard (or external keyboard if your run on a notebook / laptop.)

I think the problem has to do with creating c-points vertices within the sanbox group. I was following a Justin Geis tutorial on JHS Plugin.
I have tried your suggestion anyway.
Thanks for the message.