Problem importing a .dwg into SU to create topo

I had a survey done of a property recently and was provided a .dwg of the site with elevations.( see attached ( 150 Castleview LN deliverable). I sent it off to a well known firm to convert it into a topo. I received the following from them.( BD_Castleview Lane). The problem as I understand it is as follows.
The dimensions that result from the finished SU topo are not the same as the dimensions in the AutoCad .dwg that was submitted. I had the surveyor recheck the AutoCad dimensions and he determined they were accurate. ( 150 CASTLEVIEW LN FINAL-SIGNED). However, when the AutoCad .dwg is imported into SU, the dimensions change. e.g. the side that measures 259.11’ in the Aucocad .dwg becomes 21’ 7-1/8" in SU !! The individual that did the work converting the .dwg to a SU topo is not able to reconcile.
150 CASTLEVIEW LN deliverable.dwg (674.4 KB)
BD_Castleview Lane.skp (1.9 MB)

Check your import unit. You probably have used Inches while the DWG has been done in Feet.

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Hi Anssi,

I downloaded the Autodesk DWGTrueview 2020 from the above link. Started Trueview and opened the DWG. Moved to model space and verified that the measured distances corresponded to the survey. Everything checked out. I then opened SU pro 2020 and changed the model units to feet. I then imported the DWG and also, in the import options, changed units to feet. It worked!! Thank you.