Problem exporting

So I am brand new to sketchup. I have been learning as I go, and have made a small model that I would like to have printed. The problem comes when I export. I have tried several different formats, but they each seem to have the same problem. My model was built in three groups, the small hex at the top call part 1, the larger hex in the middle call part 2, and the tapered internal thread call part 3. The problem seems to be at the bottom of 2 where it intersects with 3. because 2 was a solid, once I positioned it, there was a surface intersecting part 3. I exploded all 3 parts and made them a single group so that i could erase that plane on the inside of part 3 allowing the tapered thread to continue all the way up into the model. In sketchup it looks fine, but when I export it the plane at the bottom of 2 is back. I would include the model, but don’t see a way to do so, probably because I am too new.

thank you for any suggestions you may have.


You can add a model by selecting the “Upload” button. Its the 7th button from the left when you click reply.
It will be a lot easier to see what is going on after you share the model.

twisterfinal.skp (1.6 MB)
Thank you. Here it is.