Problem cutting hole in thin material

I have some thin sheet metal items, eg 2mm material, & when I try to “push” circular holes they only go part way through.
I have found that if I make the item a component with attributes I can then make it thicker, ie 20mm & I can then cut a hole through, then reduce the material back to 2mm which is then ok.
Seems a nit messy, Is there any other way around this ?

This morning I re did the job & it is cutting thro 2mm fine so I don’t know what the problem was. Thanks for the tip I will try that if it happens again.

2mm is getting close to the Sketchup tolerances but normally wouldn’t be a problem.
Need to see what you are having problems with to give a better answer.
Meanwhile, you can always make a copy of the component, scale it up by 10 or 100 etc, do your editing and delete it leaving the smaller component happily edited.

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