Pro Subscription - What happens if I buy a new computer after I subscribe?

Assume that if I subscribe to SketchUp Pro, install on a current Machine (MAC) and then I update to a new computer that there is a process to put SketchUp on the new machine. What is that process? Do I uninstall on the old machine before I can install on the new?

Two side bar questions:

  • Does the new computer also have to be a MAC?

  • What is the current subscription Pro version “backward” compatible with operating system wise on a MAC?

You can use a subscription on two distinct computers, including one Mac and one Windows. There is no requirement to stay with either OS. However, if you are getting rid of the old computer it is better to release its subscription.

You can sign in to the Trimble license manager website to change what computers are authorized to use your license.

Each version of SketchUp is compatible with the OS version that was “live” at the time of release, and usually also compatible with several prior OS versions. Windows is better than Mac in this regard, as Apple more often changes things that can break SketchUp. @colin might be able to tell you more specifically if you are concerned about SU 2021 compatibility with High Sierra (which your profile says you are running). I don’t keep old versions of macOS around to test. For me it is usually the other way around: will SketchUp 2018 run on Big Sur?

High Sierra isn’t in the list of supported systems from SketchUp 2021. It would be ok with SketchUp 2020, and if you had a subscription you are able to use 2019, 2020, or 2021.

If you did stay with Mac, and had a machine with Big Sur on it (which all new computers would have), 2018 wouldn’t be listed as supported, but it does run, though may crash after a while.

That is what I thought re High Sierra. Guessing it might have something to do with the change in graphics card by Apple.

Thanks this answers my basic question, but because I have not subscribed yet (have not tried free version because of operating system issue on my profile and did not want to blow a free trial) I cannot look at the Manager interface.

I do a fair amount of work with VR (am a Street View photographer and also post 360° videos) and was pretty familiar with SketchUp/Layout animation interface. We (my daughter and I) have a fair amount of computers here of varying capabilities - both Mac and PC, which we are both familiar with. Have had inquiries about doing VR walk through of 3D models. Also have seen 3D models used by Google in their classroom AR work.

Question: Can I use the manager to continually manage the 2 licenses between several computers so I can get the most bang on my end. IE dropping it on my daughter’s gaming computer so that I can use some of her high end VR tools/gear?

Apologize if I should have started a new thread