Pro Subscription Vanished

Hello SketchUp! The Michigan Air National Guard purchased an annual subscription so I could start modeling national guard air force base. After about a month, I was suddenly put on a 30-day trial. I used the trial up. Now I don’t see the original product purchase anywhere. The admin who also purchased the product says it is gone from his AMP as well. Please advise.

@colin to the rescue! :slight_smile:

I see that they had a subscription that was not renewed at the end of May. If there is a new subscription you’re supposed to be assigned a seat from, let me know any details about that one, so I can track it down.

I looked up Dale Cochran, who I think was admin for the old subscription, but I don’t see anything current for him.

The one that expired at the end of May was assigned to you on April 22nd, but as I said, it expired at the of May.

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