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I am a student and am interested in buying the student license (which I assume has the exact functionality as Pro) for both my home and work computers. With a single verification (my email) am I able to purchase multiple licenses or is it limited to one per student?

… has the exact functionality as Pro…

Edu license of the Pro version has obviously the same functionality but the license runtime is limited to 1 year.

…work computers…

non-commercial use only.

…multiple licenses…

one (1) edu license is eligible to be installed on two (2) systems of the licensee (e.g. desktop & notebook).

more info and buying ressouces at the offic. SketchUp for Education Students page.


I appreciate the response, but perhaps I should clarify:

a) I am not using it for work
b) It does not answer my question if I can purchase more than one license.
c) The actual purchasing site has a bubble to check “repeat customer”, but I do not want to go through with it without knowing for sure. Can you purchase another license after the year has run out? I will be a student for two years, I have more than two computers that I want to use it on.


You should be contacting SketchUp Customer Support directly for answers to your questions.

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• SketchUp Help Center : Contact Options

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