Pro 2020 resolution issues (new user)

I was working on a kitchen design for hours today. It was going great all day, until out of the blue the resolution started going down hill. It also started giving me “not responding” issues. It looks like a video game from 1990, when it once looked like 4K quality. I closed the program multiple times. Idk what to and searching for help hasn’t gotten me anywhere. Please help!! Thanks in advance🤙🏼

Have you tried installing the latest display driver from the AMD website? Did you shut down and restart your computer?
Also, when your model grows (in terms of face and edge count) it becomes more and more taxing on your computer and video card. To keep you working, SketchUp degrades the display quality when you zoom or orbit, ultimately resulting in only object bounding boxes showing while orbiting. But the quality should remain the same when your screen is static.
Have you added some high-polygon objects to your model? What does your model statistics page show when “Show nested components” is enabled (Window>Model Info>Statistics)? When the count runs in millions a slowdown is to be expected.
If the model is not too big you can post it here so others can take a look.

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