Pro 17 - This file is in version 8.0.3383


Pro 17 user, I imported a .dwg with 5 layers which I used to make a quick 3d image of. I saved it and when I reopened it, it made 5 separate .skp files and this error message came up for each one. Any ideas would be much appreciated


That is weird. Can you upload the .dwg?


Nothing to worry about here, just letting you know that if you save the file it will be converted to SU2017 format and no longer can be opened in SU8. Is strange that it would have been created in SU8 to begin with.


I started skp in version 16 (and now using 17), I’ve not had an previous versions…? I tried what you had recommended but the file is only a series of triangular planes that are somehow grouped (they turn yellow when I click on any of them). All i have is a .jpg of the original file - thank you for your time all the same- believe I will have to start over…


(just started in the Community, newbie) this is one of the 5 files somehow created but it doesn’t make any sense, it is a grouping of planar triangles- thank you for your timehvac first.skp (114.9 KB)


Things turn yellow when clicked on because that is what the models style setting is for selected entities.

What if you merged all 5 models, what would that look like?


that style is from the StyleTemplate.skp, which is in the content of the source code, original version 6.0.186
what were the names of the automated generated files ?
do you have the original .dwg ?


The names of the generated files were chw, supply, return, hvac first and zone. Strangely enough, these were the same names given to the 5 CAD drawings I had layered together and imported (as one) into SketchUp to make the quick 3d model of. I finally found the original but for some reason it was saved as a file with numbers and dashes to an odd folder (that makes no sense). I don’t have file sharing nor has anyone used my computer so I am baffled, anyway, I have found it and can move forward. The 5 generated files I don’t need now, just curious at this point, thank you for your time Mike.


It ended up being 5 different series of planar triangles. I don’t understand it, but I finally found the original drawing. At this point I can move forward, just baffled. Thank you for your Time sdmitch.


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