Printing surface not visible in SketchUp model

My print is printing a solid layer starting at the top of the array of cross rungs, but is not visible in either SketchUp or in the slicer (Cura). I have hidden geometry enabled and don’t see anything that should result in this.
Note I am using SketchUp Free, and this was based on a similar part and I simply deleted every other rung and added the detent bumps on the end inner walls. I also enabled Hidden Objects and the model appears to have no surface.
What tools and next steps can I use to diagnose this issue?

Image and SKP file included:

Dehydrator Top v2.skp (121.8 KB)

Those gray faces are back sides… you should start by reversing them (everything should be white).

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Thank you Aaron! That seems to have resolved it, and I don’t know how I reversed them as they are correct in the original part model, but I’ll be watching for that going forward.This will be my next topic to learn and understand as a user new to CAD. And the file and estimated time are now in line with the print volume.

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