Printing sketchup drawings in actual size

Hi, I’d like to know:

  1. How to print out my drawings in their actual dimensions. As a simple example, I draw a 20mm x 30mm rectangle and want to print it so that the printed image is also 20mm x 30mm. When I tried printing a drawing it was half off the page and also smaller.

  2. How do I generate front, top, bottom & side views of a 3D object design? And then print it out, of course.

Thanks in advance for your help. I’m using the free version, by the way. Mostly for template and product design.

Printing Views of a Model in Microsoft Windows — SketchUp Help

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This is the kind of thing Layout is for, but I believe you have to, you know (spoiler alert), actually pay for the software. Radical, I know!

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It’s perfectly possible in Make, but there are several ‘gotchas’ (potential problems). See numerous threads in this forum for how to avoid (most of) them

I once started printing a multi unit complex at 1:1 scale in my schools computer lab while I went for a break… luckily most of the pages were blank and used the rest for scrap.

Depending on your version you can set the scale ratio in ‘Page Setup’ in the ‘file’ menu items.

Wow Simoncbevans gasp yes what an idea. At the moment I don’t use it much and only for pretty uncomplicated drawing so it doesn’t quite make sense to buy it. Having said that I did use the free version to draw up an air conditioning system for a telecommunications equipment room which has been installed and running for about four years now.