Printing problems with LayOut

Whenever I try to export a pdf or print a LayOut file from the office computer, it locks up. It seems to start the all of a sudden the screen turns white. I have to use Task Manager to exit. I’m attaching a screen capture of the processes. The LayOut file prints OK at home and on other office computers but not this one. I suspect it is either the graphics card or memory but don’t know how to determine. it may be something else altogether. Any ideas on what I need to determine to fix this issue? I cannot go from station to station in the office every time I want to print.

What is the specific graphics card in the computer that is giving you the problem? Is this a laptop or a desktop machine?

Thanks for the reply. It is a desktop machine. I will check the specs when i am in the office on Monday.

Here are the system settings. Is this helpful?!

It doesn’t identify the graphics card.

Best not to share Device and Product ID - just edit the image out of your post.

Another way to find your device info is through the device manger -

Right click on Windows start>device manager>click on display adapters

Thanks for the suggestion. Removed the image. I’ll look at my devices and get the info to this post.

The display driver on the computer the AMD FirePro V3900 (Fire GL) Graphics Adapter

That might be the problem. Try this: Quit LayOut, go to SketchUp and in Window>Preferences>OpenGL, turn off Use Fast Feedback. Click OK and then quit and restart SketchUp to make sure the setting is recorded. Then open LayOut and try exporting the PDF file again.

How big is the LO file? What quality setting are you using for the export?

Can you export simpler LO files without issue?

Thanks for your suggestion but I’m still having issues. The screen turns totally white and then nothing happens - no progress bar or anything. I am using jpeg compression medium quality. The PDF is a 7 page 11x17 format. The LayOut file can print out on other computers in the office. The final pdf size is 7 mb.

Is the AMD display driver up to date?

The graphics card said it was the latest version (although 2009). I did a Windows Update check and there was a .Net Framework feature that needed updating., I installed that and it now seems to work OK. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Thanks everyone for your help!

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