Printing problems on Mac

I just moved all my projects from my old mac (which was dying) to my new iMac. But now Layout doesn’t print properly. Document setup says the page size is 841x594mm which is correct, its an A1 piece of paper. It looks right on screen. It used to print properly on my old Mac.
But now when I print, the Print preview shows the whole page, but only an A4 sized section of the page prints. Its as if the “shrink view to fit paper size” setting isn’t working, but there is no “shrink view to fit paper size” setting!

The printer is an HP Envy 4527, which only prints up to A4. I’m using the latest Mac OS.

I think I may recognise your issue as I have it too from time to time. If it’s the same as me, what I have to do is to close the drawing file and re-open it. That usually does the trick.

That didn’t work. And the problem is not limited to a particular file, all of my printing from Layout is doing this

In that case, it is more likely to do with the printer and driver.

You say your page is A1 but your printer can only do A4. So is what you see about one eighth of the drawing would you say? If so, it is probably showing the maximum area that your printer will print.

If you want to print the whole contents of the drawing to an A4 sheet, print to PDF and then select paper size in your PDF viewer. Printing to PDF is built in with a Mac. I can only print up to A3 but I sometimes produce or receive A1 drawings. That’s what I do if I want to print one out (admittedly at a b***ard scale).

Agreed with @simoncbevans - I always print to PDF first as I have more control over settings. Then print the paper from Acrobat once everything looks good. Let us know if that works and if not, we’ll try something else.