Printing Picture Problem

I have inserted a picture into my drawing but cannot print the picture. It comes out covered by a green box everytime I try and print it?

How was the picture imported into SketchUp?. . . Did you bring it in as an Image, a texture, or a Matched Photo?

If the image was attached to geometry within SketchUp, make sure that you have attached the photo to the front of the face, and not the backside. All faces in SketchUp have two sides, and a picture attached to the backside might not always print out if SketchUp is mainly concerned with printing content on the front side of the face.

Try flipping Face Orientation with the Reverse Faces command (on the Right Click menu), and reattaching the image.

If this doesn’t sort things please add in a little more info about how you set this up. What kind of picture (file type), how was it imported…

Additional info about your computer specs, the OS and SketchUp versions, as well as basic hardware info are always nice to have.