Printing out this graph

planning on printing out this graph on sketchup in order to rotate it and make an egg shape
tried converting it into a dwg/dxf file but dwg file didn’t work and dxf file only showed grid numbers(not even the grid or the numbers showed up)
can someone help me out?
thx in advance

I feel sure this will mean something to someone here.

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just need a way to import a dwg file into sketchup… for some reason it just says failed to get graph…

So you’ve created a .dwg file in AutoCAD that you are trying to import into SketchUp? To what do you have the import units set? What exactly is the message you get when you try to import the file? Can you share the .dwg file so we can see what you are working with?

AnyConv.com__desmos-graph (1).dwg (12.4 KB)

There’s a problem straight away. Error reading file.

DoubleCAD won’t open it either. I think you’ve got a bum file.

that explains a lot
do you know any site which converts svg to dwg?
think that’s the case…

You could use Inkscape to convert the .svg to .dxf.

thx you really helped me out

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Your equation is not clear.

What does the first backslash means ? Should it be y= ?

In the middle of the equation, you have another backslash. Should it be a slash for a division?

If you want to draw an egg, click in sequence on the Scenes tabs of this SU file for ideas.

Egg.skp (211.2 KB)

I suspect that equation is written in the programming language of some app, but it is not one that I know. Some aspects I can puzzle out, but others leave me confused like you.

That appears to be an ImageMagick file renamed as DWG. I couldn’t find anything that was able to open the file.