Printing Large Numerals to Scale


I need to print some large numerals (250mm high) to make some templates. Is there a way of doing this in SU make? I’ve tried using ms office but nothing comes up to this size.


I don’t understand what you mean. 708.66 points is equivalent to 250mm, and as far as I know, Word will allow you to set a scalable font (such as True Type) to that size. So if you use an A4 page, which is 297mm high, what’s to stop you printing a 708-point numeral out of Word?

Trust me, you have far greater control over both text and printing in Word than SU.



Hi Gully

As I enlarged the text, the numeral only seemed to take up about 2/3rds of the page area. So I moved to the WordArt option and it worked well. I’ve now managed to print what I wanted.
Thanks for your input.


The point size of a text font has only a loose relation to the actual size of the letters and numbers - it is determined by the font designer. Usually the size refers to the height of capital letters. Many fonts have their numerals drawn to the same height as the capitals, but, for instance, some old-style serif fonts have lower-case numerals with ascenders and descenders. And as to lower-case letters, it is customary that the ascenders of letters like b, d, l etc. are higher than capitals, and , the overall height of a row of text is further increased by the descenders.



Doable… But like Gully says, fiddly.
Although, it might be worth the effort given the amount of ink filled figures will consume.
See: Printing to Scale at the SketchUp Sage Site

Work on a piece of “paper” in SketchUp and then erase it before you go to Print Preview.
Zoom Extents and reduce/resize the SketchUp window leaving as little empty space as possible.
Then go to SU’s top menus … File > Print Preview

Print Preview Dialog — Windows

Print Preview


Thanks Geo

I’m with you that it’s fiddly, and using Word is the best way. I found some numerals in the Word Art section that are outline only, hence not needing an enormous amount to ink to print. They worked well.



Thanks for the explanation Anssi, Word Art came to my rescue!