Printing blueprints on SketchUp 1/4" to 1'

Hi I got a question for you how to I update my model in LayOut to how it is on SketchUp and can I add a second model to the same document? Thanks!

Looks like two questions. :slight_smile:

Do you want to change what you’ve already got in LayOut to match your revised SketchUp model? If so, save the changes to the SketchUp model. Then, in LayOut, either go to File>Document Setup>References, select the SKP file, and choose Update, or, right click on a viewport and choose Update Reference.

If you have a different SketchUp model file that you want to add to the LayOut project, go to File>Insert and select the SketchUp file.

Don’t use File>Insert more than once for the same SKP file, though.

Thanks again!

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I have a question if you dont mind.
Why are any non-straight lines pixelated when I send it to LayOut?

Initially the viewport is rendered as Raster which means both lines and faces will be displayed as a raster image. Often that will work out fine but if you want the lines to be rendered as vector lines, you can choose either Vector or Hybrid in the SketchUp Model window. Use Hybrid if your model is textured.

Generally, Raster render is faster than either Vector or Hybrid. If you’re still making a lot of changes to the SketchUp file which require the viewports in LayOut to be updated and re-rendered frequently, you can leave the viewports set to Raster until things settle down. Due to the default settings for rendering, the displayed resolution is set to Medium which will tend to make the raster lines look rougher than they will be in the output. You can set Output resolution to high if you find it necessary. You can also set Display resolution to High but be aware that can slow down rendering and have a negative impact on performance.


Thank you!
I can’t begin to express my gratitude for how helpful you have been, thank you.

Hi Dave, Is there an easy way to get this effect?

Hygrove Villas - Colored Unit Plans 7-23-18.pdf (1.2 MB)

It looks to me as if that image started out as a drawing that had some photoshop work done to it. Exact steps are hard to say but I get the impression some sort of ink style filter might have been applied along with some brushes on another layer to create the sky color and cloud effect. Not terribly difficult but it not something you could do directly in SketchUp.

One of the Styles are close enough…
But when I send it to LayOut it loses the Style how to I fix that, if I can’t what the next best alternative to get a picture of my model with the applied style? (as well as retaining its quality)

Enjoy your weekend!

If the style uses a sketchy edge style, you need to leave the viewport render mode as Raster in LayOut.

I think it is, Its hard to figure it out because the program is acting up, I don’t understand what kind of specs I need for my laptop to run these programs smoothly with consistency…

Upload the LayOut file so I can see what you have going on.

I think I got it,
Is there a way to make it that style but with sky instead of brown?
Also some lines seem distorted
Apparently the file is to big to upload

Upload it to DropBox and share the link.

I’m sure there’s a way to do what you want but exact steps would only be guessing.

Here’s my OneDrive Link!Ao6BWEpb2dDPln8qPgi9aZCiiBJk

Its not responding again :frowning:

Maybe something like this?

Edit the style in SketchUp.

In the Watermark settings, remove the brown overlay.

Change the Background color to white, turn on the sky and adjust the color as desired.

After you make those edits, update the style by clicking on the thumbnail in the upper left corner.

Yes perfect, except the white strip on the lower half of the sky (EDIT that’s ground I got it)
Why is SketchUp and LayOut running so slow? :grimacing:

One reason might be the unused clutter such as all the unneeded styles.


How can I clear it up?
I don’t think I have anything unnecessary

Yes. You do.

Clear it up by going to Window>Model Info>Statistics and click Purge Unused.