Printing after formatting laptop

I use SU Make 2017 and use it for furniture designs and enlarging pictures for marquetry. All things worked well untill I formatted my disk. I have a HP Deskjet 2630 printer.
If I go to the print boxes it is blank.
I read DaveR comments on this problem and tried everything, like the root problem he talked about. I tried downloading driver(s) from HP. I don’t know what else to try. I am sure I must miss something, but what?
If somebody can help me I will really appreciate it. I am in Strand, (near Cape Town) South Africa.
Thank you.

I haven’t seen the other posts - did you try deleting the printer and adding it again with the latest HP software?

I downloaded a few times software from HP’s website, but now that you ask, I don’t think I deleted (uninstall?) the printer. Another problem for me is that I bought a new laptop last year with Windows 10 and I find it difficult to manage Win10. I will google and try your suggestion, thanks.

I am still trying but when I come to dele
te it is a gate that won’t open. I am not successful in deleting HP

Did you ensure that after reinstalling your OS on the formatted hard drive, the correct graphics driver was installed or updated to the latest version (if the version in the OS image was outdated)?

I did not format the disk myself, my son did it for me. I will ask him about the graphics driver. Thank you for responding.

To remove printer (and then reinstall) in Win 10 - go to all settings (bottom right corner on taskbar) >devices>printers >left click on printer>remove device.

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