Printing a template ok - but not completely aligned


I am a hobbyist woodworker and have been using SketchUp for about 2 years, roughly. I use the free version 2017 on my Windows 10 (Surface Pro).

Generally, I make a cut list and export to 2d graphic to print my diagrams (not used as a template). However, this project, making a sliding open cabinet drawer to store pans, I wanted to use a template to cut out the sides of the cabinet considering it has a dip.

I read through a lot of great material on setting up printing and believe I have all the parameters set correctly.

1 - parallel projection
2 - front standard view
3 - used both the camera zoom extents and the context-menu zoom extents prior to printing to test if there was a difference - I didn’t see one.
4 - printer settings set up first prior to print preview selecting landscape, boarder less is “on” so there is no boarder printed.
5 - fit to page and use model extents are “unchecked”, scale is 1:1 and “standard” print quality ( I did mess about with this setting to see if it mattered and I didn’t see a difference. )
6 - did direct print to PDF and also from print after the print preview to see if there was a difference and albeit for saving to PDF to reprint, I didn’t see a difference in behavior. Also, with printing from PDF I made sure to print actual size.

The issue I find is after printing my 4 pages I am not able to get them completely aligned.

Page 2 does not join correctly with Page 1 and as a result shifts the other 2 pages. Page 2 sits next to Page 1 and Page 3 sits below Page 1 with Page 4 sitting below Page 2.

Page 2 also has just the little line on it and the rest of the page is blank. I tried to get this to fit 3 pages but it wouldn’t.

I put Page 1 and 2 side-by-side first then noticed Page 3 was off, which lead me to inspect all the pages as they fit together coming to the conclusion that Page 2 was my culprit.

Is the template printing supposed to be exact? I would think so but it’s my first time using this feature.

In the actual.jpeg photo I placed a piece of wood to show Page 2 and how it is gaps because I aligned the actual continuation of the page with Page 1.

Thank you in advance…


It would be best to set up scenes in the model and include registration marks. Plan so in Scene 1 you have registration marks on the right or bottom that will also at the left or top of scene 2. Then when you layout your printed patterns, overlap the pages and align the registration marks.

I read a little bit about “registration marks” and found an extension but have not installed it yet.

How would Scenes help with the actual printed material and aligning?

Thank you

Scenes give you fixed views so you aren’t screwing around with trying to get the camera aligned each time.

Here’s a quickie example using the top rail for a queen sized bed. I have distributed registration marks down the length of the rail all with the same spacing. The spacing has to be such that four of them will fit on a single sheet of paper at the desired print scale. I’ve got the first four selected for the next steps.

After setting the camera to Parallel Projection and selecting the standard Front view, I right click on one of the selected registration marks and choose Zoom Selection. The camera is set to fill the model space with those four registration marks.

Then I pan down and select the right pair of the previous ones and the next pair, Zoom Selection and create another scene.

Rinse and repeat.

Once things are all set up like you want, you should be able to print each scene at 1:1. Here’s the print preview for the last one.

If you try to show the whole part in one view and let the print drivers divide the printout across pages you can end up with registration problems.

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I see!

So if I understand, the registration marks and using scenes, I can just print the scene and the align the pages by the register marks on each page.

I suppose I could just make some marks at different intervals and make that my break in the page. I am searching again for the extension (registration marks) I found earlier but was on my phone and didn’t save the site.

I still wonder why my Page 2 is unaligned when all other pages printed correctly and align with one another.

Thank you.

Yes. Exactly.

There is an ancient one that I am familiar with that added registration marks. It used an old version of Ghostscript for printing. I’m not sure it’s still available or if it works in SU2017 or with the current Ghost script version. What I show requires no extension at all.

Did you make the registration marks yourself by drawing a circle and lines? That seems easy enough to do.

Yes I did. I drew one and made it a component so it is easy to select. Then I just used Move copy to make a pair vertically followed by Move/Copy horizontally to make a linear array of them equally spaced.

If you find later that you need to make an edit to the shape of the thing you are creating the pattern for, you can edit component of the thing and use the same scenes again for printing.

That seems more doable. I will work on that and get it into my drawing and see how it goes.

Thank you!

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It is actually almost irrelevant what kind of registration marks you draw. You could even use a line grid but Dave’s method lets you use his Zoom Selection trick.

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