Printing 2-D triangular facets of a coarse 3-D model

I have a free form 3-D model made of larger (as opposed to smaller and unmanageable) triangles that I would like to print to a 2-D pdf. After this I will apply print-outs to foam-core then cut and assemble a small mock-up ----and later have cnc’d after re-scaling to 1/8" baltic ply wood panel. They’ll be used to re-create the model as a sculptural form. At this point I have made an individual group of each individual triangular facet.
What is the best easiest way for me to re-orient versions of these triangles co-planar with the red/green drawing axes. I’ll need to be able to arrange the individual triangles on a page (and later on a sheet of plywood for the cnc operator). There are about 80 in the model and all of them will require that re-orientation. I have 3 more models which will require the same operation.
Is there an add-on extension which would help with this? It seems likely there would be.

A) When you create a component (or group), the component’s local axes will be aligned to the current drawing axes.
B) Also if you right click on a face (no matter its orientation) you can select ‘Align Axes’ in the context menu.

You can make use of these two points A end B.

  • explode a triangular face
  • right cick on it and select ‘Align Axes’
  • create a component from face and its edges, Don’t forget to name/number your components one by one.
    repeate these steps for all your earlier on created groups, one by one.

In the end your ‘In Model’ component library will be filled with all these triangles as components with their local axes flat aligned with their faces. If you import them you’ll be able to lay them flat in the ground plane.

Thanks so much for your reply. I found the “Flatten and unwrap faces” extension…It cut out a whole lot of fussing around with the individual triangles and their axes. The trick was to guess the correct key word when in the Extension Warehouse.

Regards,Dan Blomer

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