Printable multiple solids


Something I thought worth pointing out for 3d printing people.
The software for many 3d printers will recognise multiple solid component as a single solid and be quite happy to print them.
This helps when you have some very complex shapes that can be problematic to form into one single solid.
This is an example that I printed a couple of days ago, it’s made of 48 identical components exported to .stl without any other work or grouping.


You should share a link to the making of animation too!


Perhaps Cotty, but isn’t it more exciting when they find it for themselves.


Out of curiosity, how long did it take to print?


About 4 hours.


I don’t think that this concept can be emphasized enough. Numerous threads have expounded the need to have a single “solid” as recognized by SketchUp in order to 3D print something. This is not the case, as you’ve demonstrated. If each group or component is individually a “solid”, most printer software will correctly merge them together. I have found it best to leave the groups or components at the “top” level (i.e., no sub-grouping), as some slicers only read one level deep.

Nice work, @Box :slight_smile:


To add to this, as Cotty suggested earlier, this is the method I used to create the model.
As you can see it is pretty quick.


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