Print to scale perfect in preview but then only prints half the image

Hello! Printing models to scale have suddenly failed. We have windows 10. I use top view, parallel projection, but have found I have to select Microsoft XPS writer as I am unable to select scales if I select our actual printer (HP 7740Pro) . That is all fine, but.
Recently Print Previe will show the image fitting to the A3 sheet of paper with MS XPS writer, but when I actually print to the HP printer, the image no longer fits and it will only print half the image.
This is driving me bandy! Any suggestions/advice will be gratefully received!

It would help if you share the .skp file so we can see what you’ve got. Are you using LayOut?

Hi DaveR
Here it is - I think!
14 Ashley rd outline back.skp (214.3 KB)

I’ve tried using layout but it is baffling me… we usually just print from sketchup

When I opened your SketchUp file the model was half off the screen to the left.

Are you resizing the SketchUp model window to be close to the aspect ratio of the paper? I set it up like this:

Setting up the print to scale in SketchUp shows this:

I used 1:100 because 1:50 won’t fit on an A3 sheet.

There’s a lot less faffing about with LayOut, though. I set up a scene in SketchUp with the model in the center of the model window and zoomed to extents. Then I saved, sent to LO, chose the paper size and set the scale to 1:100 for the viewport. Try printing this PDF and see what you get.
14 Ashley Road.pdf (2.0 KB)

Thank you - this all makes perfect sense- I think because it showed as fitting to page in the preview using MS XPS writer, I thought it actually wold fit to page when printed thru the HP printer. Obvs not the case.
Printing it 1:100 is much easier, so in future, I will not be so ambitious with my scaling!
Thanks for the tip with LO, I’ll spend some time getting my head around using it. Can you recommend any idiot proof tutorials for learning the basics of it?
Thank you again for your help - so much appreciated.

Check the campus at, I believe it was actually made by some of them :smiley:
@eric-s , @TysonK
Just kidding, though. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll skip the convulsed away of printing straight out of SketchUp, I believe…

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