Print screen to capture a survey

Hi, I am trying to capture an aerial view from a site from Hennepin county in the Minneapolis area. I have an aerial photograph that shows the site, along with property line, and measurements. I want to capture this, and import it into sketchup pro 14 where i can than resize it, and trace over the site. I thought I would be able to hit my “print screen” on my keep board, than save it on a word document, and than save it as a jpeg, and import it. I cannot get my print screen to capture it and paste it. Is there another way to capture this survey. Thank you.

If you have Windows 7, look for the utility tool called “Snip It” It may be in the “Accessories” menu, don’t remember. That tool will do the trick. If you have W8 it may still be there someplace. Hope this helps.


Thank you very much. I was able to get this to work with your suggestion. Hope you have a great day!

Steve (treeguyster)