Print-ready 3d?

I think I got to the end to print in 3d.
With your help I could get to the end, but I wanted to know if the project can actually going to print 3d.

I created groups boat, invaded, radar.
Your opinion, it is better to create only group between the boat and the radar? during the printing process the structure could collapse?

I have to do some other tests to see if it is printable?

You know where to send print sites with a good price?

RIB 19.12_v3.skp (1.7 MB)

I forgot that the measures of the model I wish it were total length 15 cm

Have not looked at your models yet but, SU models being solid is necessary but not sufficient to 3 d print. Commercial printers will check your model to make sure it meets their criteria. They want to make sure the model is ok for them to handle and ship.
Netfabb has a cloud service you can upload your model and they will check it for free you may want to check into.
Opps I have not loaded 2015 yet so cannot open.