Print Preview MAC

How to get a print preview in 2017 with a MAC? Thank you

On my Mac it happens by default when I print anything from SU.

What happens if you try that, and/or use the print dialogue to print to PDF?

Do you not get a preview?

Okay thank you. You have to go through the PDF then?

I don’t normally have to. Just gave it as an extra option, to avoid wasting paper if Print Preview doesn’t show up.

Replying from phone at the moment but will test on 2017 later today and post some screenshots.

I’ve just upgraded OS from Mojave to Monterey. Dont think that makes a difference though, from memory of running 2017 on earlier OSs.

Trying print on SU 2017.

I get a (small) print preview by default when I click File/Print to a real printer. I can’t change the size of the dialogue or the preview section of the window:

If I click on the PDF button bottom centre, and choose Open in Preview, I can get as large a (pre)view as I want, opening in the built-in Preview app.

OK Thank’s John