Print from Sketchup for Web?


I’ve created a 2D floor plan using Sketchup for Web. How can I print it?


⌘P >> save as PDF >> open in Preview >> ⌘P



Tried that. Just get a blank page with date and time, etc… (attached)
SketchUp.pdf (11.0 KB)


which Browser?

which SU ‘Web’ version ‘Schools’, ‘Free’ or ‘Shop’…

it in works in ‘Shop’ on Chrome for me but Safari may not…



Thanks for trying to help. It’s the free version on Safari. Even if it did work, how would I get a non-perspective top down view? From what I’ve gleaned on other forums, you need to set the camera to parallel perspective, but I don’t see the option for that. Very frustrating to spend a lot of time on this and not be able to print it properly!


PP and Top View are both in ‘Free’, under the ‘film clap board’ icon, on your right…



There it is! I swear I looked at every one of those icons at least 30 times…thanks! Maybe I’ll just do a screen capture and crop it to get it onto a page…