Print 1 to 1 images

How do you export images to be used in MS Word? Also how do you print 1 to 1 images?

I replied to your e-mail, Jeff.

Hey Dave,

I have been trying to use SketchUp Free as a good alternative to SketchUp Make 2017 since I am having the problem with the select tool freezing in SU Make. The SketchUp Free web page says “Almost everything about SketchUp Pro is built into the SketchUp Free. If your favorite feature isn’t there, please let us know via the SketchUp Free (formerly my.SketchUp) user forum.” Since the comparison with SketchUp Pro simply isn’t true, I clicked the link and came here. SketchUp Free is very limiting to woodworkers. Can’t print, can’t run the Cutlist plugin. At present, I can’t afford the Pro version or justify it for hobby woodworking.

Also, I have to lead SketchUp class coming up at the Alabama Woodworkers Guild and don’t have a usable version of SketchUp to teach from.

At this point there isn’t any way to implement extensions however the developers are working toward that. And printing is still something they are working on.

Maybe it’s time for a new computer with a suitable graphics card since it appears the graphics card is the hangup. Or go back to an earlier version of SketchUp such as SU2016.

Hi Jeff,

We certainly know and appreciate how valuable SketchUp is as a shop companion for woodworkers, and I’m keen to add features to make it better than it is today.

I understand the requirements you have for printing; who wants to bring their computer into the shop where it will get full of sawdust? As I’ve acknowledged in other posts here, we are still working on printing features for SketchUp Free.

But I’d like to hear more about the cutlist generator you are using and to see some of the output you’ve created with it. Can you describe what you’re doing in a little more detail? Which culist extension are you using?

As for the class you’re teaching; if you need to reinstall SketchUp Make, we have made versions 2015, 2016 and 2017 available for you to download. Just roll back to whichever version you know works on your hardware and you should be fine for your class.

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Yes, you are correct that taking a laptop into the workshop is not ideal although some woodworkers do this. And SketchUp Make has the ability to set up views of sub-assemblies which I like to export images for printing. So, while I think SketchUp Free is interesting, it is significantly incomplete for woodworking and is not a good woodworking alternative to SketchUp Make.

The Cut List extension is here:

There is a good description of it and also images of what this extension does. I also add materials for a more realistic looking model. Example at the link below.

Also, as you suggested, I downloaded SketchUp Make 2016, but it is the Pro version and my Pro free trial expired long ago. How do I get around this?

So, I removed the license of SketchUp Pro 2016 and started using the program, but I can’t open any of my models made using SketchUp 2017. It sure would be great if you guys made a work-around to the select tool freeze problem in SketchUp Make 2017 like you did for SketchUp Pro 2018.

SketchUp Make 2016 has the same freeze problem with the select tool as SUM 2017. Deleting SUM2016 and will try SUM2015.

Did you try turning off Hardware Acceleration in SU2016’s OpenGL settings?

Yes, did that with no change. I think I have just come up with a solution to all of this, so if I need anything further, I’ll advise. Thanks for the help.


You can use a parallel installed 2017 Make version to save the files in an older format.

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