I’m trying to import a sketchup model into Creator and then split it up into its groups. Tried using get primitive but this seems to be a very random way of selecting parts of the model. I’ve tried finding a definition of primitives but no luck yet. I stumbled across a definition list of all the Creator Commands but can’t find it again. Anyone know the link to this?
Sound like the best way of getting groups into Creator is to split up the model outside and bring them in separately. Or is there a way of organising the model into the primitives that match the grouping required in Sketchup before bringing it in?

Hi Ed,

A primitive is simply an individual piece of geometry within Creator (think a single component in SketchUp). When a model is copied from SketchUp to Creator the order that the individual “components”/primitives are in is the same order that they are ordered within SketchUp (Seen in the “Component Attributes” menu in SketchUp).

The current link to the Node Documentation can be found via the question mark icon (?) next to the search bar that appears when you want to create a node. There is a description for what a primitive here down in the “Concepts” section.

Do bear in mind that the Node Documentation is in an “in-progress” status so not every node is currently documented there, and the site will change/get updated periodically.

If you have any more questions, let me know!

And actually, speaking of Node Docs, I just made a post about it here if you want a little bit more information about it: Node Documentation