Prevent Pincushion effect in printouts

Is there a way to correct the pincushion distortion before printing?

add an image, I have no idea what you refer too…


I’ve never seen pin cushion distortion from a SketchUp image. I’ve seem some extreme wide angle images but even at the widest field of view, the lines are still straight.

Here is an example. The outer lines are not vertical like they should be.

Pincushion Example.pdf (280.7 KB)

I’m not seeing curved lines. They aren’t parallel because they are running off to vanishing points but that doesn’t qualify as pin cushion distortion. If you want to eliminate that, set the camera to Parallel Projection or set a narrower field of view in Perspective.

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For verticals to stay vertical, SketchUp also has a 2-point perspective view.


Thanks for the suggestions.
After trying them all it appears that the narrower Field of View works the best.